Taiwan Travelogue 2013 – Hualien, Keelung & Taipei

Taiwan Travelogue - Attractions in Hualien, Keelung Taipei Jensen Chua Photography

Welcome to "Taiwan Travelogue 2013 - Hualien, Keelung & Taipei ". In Part 2 of my Taiwan blog, we had a great dining experience at some famous Taichung eateries - Lai Lai Soya Bean Milk, Chun Sui Tang, and Ding Wang. The amazing Miyaharu (Gong Yang Yan Ke - a delightful local...

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Taiwan Travelogue 2013 (Part 2/3) -Taichung attractions

Taiwan Holiday 2013 (Part 2/3) -Taichung attractions

Taiwan Travelogue 2013 - Taichung attractions

In the previous Taiwan Travelogue (part 1/3)  we explored Taiwan's Da Hu Strawberry Farms, Central Market, Sheng Xing Old Railway, the Gao Mei  Wetland and Feng Jia Night Market.  In this segment,  I'll like to share with you Miyaharu, Sinshe, Rainbow Village, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Wen Wu Temple  and finally the ascent to the mountains of He Hehuan Shan in the Taroko National Park.  We also had  a great meal at Chun Sui...

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