First-timer Road Trip to Okinawa – Part 2

Okinawa travelogue

First-timer Road Trip to Okinawa - Part 2

This blog is a continuation of my earlier Okinawa travelogue (Part 1) which detailed the highlights from my coastal phase of the road trip and marks the transition from the relaxing and laid-back ambience of the northern part of the island to the hustle-bustle of Naha city in the south.

The itineraries flow from the north to south is ideal as the airport is located at Naha in the south. Starting a vacation from the south and ending in the...

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First-Timer Road Trip to Okinawa – Part 1

Detailed Road Trip Guide to Okinawa Japan for First Timers

First-timer Road-Trip to Okinawa

To most travellers, a trip to Japan are usually the mainstream cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or the winter wonder-island of Hokkaido. Unlike the key cities, Okinawa is less on the mind of most travellers heading to Japan. Personally, my interest in Okinawa was roused rather by pictures of Whale Sharks at the renowned Churaumi Aquarium. And also being a military enthusiast, the happenings at Kadena Air Base, which is the largest and most active US...

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