U Inchantree Resort – Most Romantic Resort by River Kwai Bridge

U Inchantree Resort Best Boutique Resort beside River Kwai Bridge

The U Inchantree Resort Kanchanaburi is definitely one of the best option for visitors looking for a cosy resort conveniently located near the River Kwai Bridge should they planned a vacation in this beautiful town. This is my 2nd stay at the resort which I visited five years ago and the resort have since gained a new wing making it a 50 rooms set up. Service is still as commendable, brisk and the resort retains a peaceful ambience. Incidentally, you might be pleased to know it garnered...

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X2 Kwai Resort – Kanchanaburi’s most Instagrammable Resort

X2 River Kwai Best Instagrammable Resort Kanchanaburi

Welcome to my article "X2 Kwai Resort - Kanchanaburi's most Instagrammable Resort. X2 (pronounced Cross Two) chain of resorts is fast gaining a reputation as a high-design, boutique range of holiday destination properties across Asia and Australia.  Since their introduction to the market, they have garnered many awards and risen to be among the most famous boutique resorts in Thailand and across South East Asia.

I was especially impressed by the resort's chain mantra - "to have a very...

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