Wildlife Adventures in Sandakan

Welcome to my article - Wildlife Adventures in Sandakan. This post narrates my revisit to the breathtaking Borneo rainforest, hosted by my long-time friend Alexander Yee, a successful entrepreneur and renowned conservationist in Sabah. My last trip here was in October 2016 and the majestic rainforest is still as visually stunning, if not more. Beyond aesthetics, the Borneo Rainforest is of vital importance for the health of our planet as it serves as a crucial carbon...

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Borneo – Ecotourism Hub of Southeast Asia

Borneo Ecotourism Libaran Turtle Sanctuary

Welcome to my blog on Borneo - Ecotourism Hub of Southeast Asia. Having travelled a fair bit in my travel blogging assignments, some of my best travel experiences are those that are least planned. This trip was essentially a photography project for three nature lodges that are owned by my former classmate, Alexander Yee, a socio-eco entrepreneur with a portfolio of tourism-related businesses.

Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world and the largest in Asia....

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