Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival is one of the oldest dragon boat races in Singapore. The other is the Singapore River Regatta which has evolved into the Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub. Due to pandemic restrictions, the festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022 is SDBA’s 1st event to bring back the thumping sounds of the dragon boat drums to the races.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

The event which was held at the Bedok Reservoir from the 3rd to the 5th of June saw a total of 161 teams and 2254 paddlers.

Capturing the paddlers at slow shutter speed is one of my favourite photo techniques of the sport.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

Singapore Institute of Technology team in transit to the form-up area almost 600m away.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

The team paddled to gain momentum to form up at the start line.

The spectators stream in as the whole day event, seeking shelter under the sweltering 36°C heat and sou[py humidity.

I always enjoy using another photographer for foreground blur as it adds depth to the picture.

Singapore Institute of Management dragon boating ladies in their institution T-shirts. And as usual, hooked on the internet. There is no escape from social media really.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

The calm before the storm as each team paddles steadily to the start line.

Fellow shutterbugs clicking up the event and as it’s about 150m from the reservoir embankment to the boats, a long lens from 400mm-800mm focal length comes in handy.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

Expats team, the American Dragons Singapore powering on.

Adrenaline burns as the sheer human power the teams to the finishing line.


It’s gratifying to witness this age-old tradition live on in modern Singapore with the Dragon Boat Festival, being a traditional Chinese holiday with fabled origins dating back to China’s Warring States era. For me, it’s the blending of vigorous action and camaraderie into one exciting spectacle that attracted me to photographing this sport.

Singapore Dragonboat Festival 2022

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