SAF Open House 2022

After a 5-years hiatus, the SAF Army Open House 2022 (AOH22) makes a return to the F1 Pit Building. Themed “Generations of Strength” to commemorate 55 years of National Service, AOH22 comprise the AOH22 Virtual Exhibition, AOH22@F1 Pit Building and AOH22@Heartlands to showcase the army’s ‘hard and soft assets’ to engage all walks of Singaporeans.

I had planned to photograph and cover as much of the event as possible, but the insane 36°C heat and humidity brought me to my knees. I left the open house after less than 2 hours and maybe ninety clicks. But still, it’s reassuring to see our armed forces have levelled up. Till the next Open House.

The event exhibits and highlights

SAF Open House 2022
The SAF Main Battle Tank – Leopard 2SG. Upgraded with AMAP composite armour by IBD & ST Kinetics.

The SAF Red Lions

SAF Open House 2022
Here comes the SAF Red Lions, delivered by the ever-trustworthy workhorse C130 Hercules transporter.

Always a lovely sight watching the Red Lions doing their “aerobatics”.

Red Lions coming in with precision at the exhibition ground.

Aerial “ballet’ for all to see, looks simple and effortless, but it takes many hours, numerous jumps and training to perfect.

The Red Lions’ commanding officer LTC Neo Choon Chea, was smooth as silk landing as always.

Group picture time for the spectators.

A wave to the spectators and fans.

Aerial assets on display

SAF Open House 2022
The AH-64 Apache Longbow is always a crowd favourite. Maybe this little boy will be a future helo-pilot?

Military Band

SAF Open House 2022
The military band getting ready to add a festive mood to the open house.

SAF Open House 2022
The Band major led the way to the event stage area.

The 7.62mm GPMG, is oldies but goodie. Due to its simple design – being a belt-fed, gas-operated gun, its durability can withstand extreme conditions – proven, during operations in the desert, to arctic warfare.

SAF Open House 2022
Commando officer hosting his unit segment at the event stage, with a Radio FM98 RJ.

This Signals Officer communicates her unit roles in the army.

Field Howitzer from Singapore Artillery

SAF Open House 2022
Look at the howitzer breech block, a piece of engineering marvel indeed, built to withstand immense force and firepower.

This is something close to my heart – the FH-2000 or Field Howitzer 2000 was developed by Singapore Technologies for the SAF. It is a 155 mm/52-calibre towed howitzer gun. It fires projectiles to a maximum range of 42 kilometres. My NS artillery battalion was the 1st FH2000 gun battalion.

Just look at the barrel, at the battlefield, it delivers fast, accurately and deadly.

Military Police

Military Police, are usually not a welcome sight. But nice addition to the event.

Military police on Open House duty, feeling festive.

The Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV)

SAF Open House 2022
Visitors checking out the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) – an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) developed by ST Engineering of Singapore and Timoney Technology of Ireland, and produced by ST Engineering Land Systems (a corporate subsidiary of ST Engineering) for the Singapore Army.

Light Strike Vehicle (LSV)

SAF Open House 2022
Another crowd favourite is the LSV MK. II is produced by Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) as the Spider New Generation Light Strike Vehicle. In September 2011, ST Kinetics won a $68 million contract to supply its Spider New Gen and spares to the SAF. The first MK.II was delivered in November 2013 concluding in 2014.

SAF Open House 2022
I am sure these guys are boiling inside their uniforms under the day 36°C scorching heat and soupy humidity.

The Matador

SAF Open House 2022
That’s a Matador the soldier is lugging around. The MATADOR (Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR) is a 90mm man-portable, disposable anti-armour weapon system developed by Germany, Israel and S’pore.

Photo memory with Infantry soldier

SAF Open House 2022
The soldier showed the young visitor how to “pew pew” for photo-taking.

SAF cosmetics won’t win any beauty contest, but it can save lives.

Ride on the M3G at the Marina Bay

SAF Open House 2022
Visitors having a go at the M3G (military float bridge/raft), the M3G is high mobility wheeled vehicle that functions as a mobile platform for crossing waterways. The platform was acquired from Germany to replace the ageing fleet of float bridges currently operated by the Singapore Combat Engineers.

SAF Mobile Swap Vehicle

SAF Open House 2022
SAF mobile Swab vehicle, an ART/PCR tester on wheels? yes indeed, you can’t defend a country when the soldiers are sick right?

SAF Canine Team

SAF Open House 2022
Man’s best friends are certainly a vital part of the military assets.


SAF Open House 2022

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