RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

Welcome to my article on RSAF50 Centennial Celebration . As part of a suite of activities to mark her 50th Anniversary through 2018 in the heartlands, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) held an inaugural Search and Rescue (SAR) demo at an open field close to the Sembawang MRT on the 31st March and 1st April. Medical officers performed a “casualty” evacuation on a stretcher to the helicopter under its whirring blades. The display was a simulation by the RSAF 125 Squadron and 1 Medical Squadron personnel. 

Video of the event compiled by © Tedd Jong Wei.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

Part of the spectators at the event site. An estimated 30,000 people attended the 2-day event, which also features several military hardware and simulator station.

At 1150am, the helicopter, a Super Puma arrived on cue for the public demonstration, a first in the RSAF history.

On a typical day, the pace of life in 125 SQN is like that of a regular military unit, where training sorties or flights, briefings, and meetings are conducted amidst jovial interactions among the crew, some of whom are on standby round the clock. But all that changes the moment and it’s all systems go as the scramble alarm goes off.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

The Super Puma coming in to land on the open field, close to public housings and built-up structures.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

Residents living in the housing near the demonstration site were treated to a rare sight not likely to happen again as the vacant plot of land may be built over in the near future.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration - Medevac Demonstration at Sembawang

Touched down, the medical crew getting ready to disembark to start the medivac.

Time is crucial in any medivac situation. From the time the crew activated, they have to be airborne within 15 minutes. But generally, they achieved it within 10mins.

The medical officer administrates an intravenous drip while his team gets the patient ready for evacuation.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

A final check for vital signs before loading up the helicopter.


No time wasted, the patient is brought to the waiting helicopter within few short minutes.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

Then it take-off to the nearest hospital to convey the patient for full treatment. While this is just a demo, the unit has saved countless lives in distress in their course of duty. Stories like this one.

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration

Away the Rescue 10 team goes to ensure safety for all from the air.


This event was just one of the many lined up throughout 2018 to commemorate the RSAF50 Centennial Celebration. For activities details, please click here. For a look at the RSAF celebration activity at the Airshow 2018, you might like to have a look here.  Entry to all the open houses at the Heartlands are complimentary, so do make time to visit and share in the fun and festivities.

P.S- All aerial pictures used in the blog are copyrighted to the RSAF and all rights reserved.

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