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Animal Photography Pet Photoshoot Pet Photos Dog

Outdoor family photography session with pet can be an important ‘milestone’ for many. To some, it marks a new adventure in their life with the addition of a pet in the family. Having a pet is a major commitment, somewhat akin to adopting a baby or another family member. I had the privilege recently to conduct a photo-shoot for Paul and Rachel, long time friends who I went scuba diving almost a decade ago. It was a joyous occasion to shoot them with their 4.5 months old cute and adorable pedigree French Bull puppy, affectionately named Loki.

Animal Photography Pet Photoshoot Pet Dog Photography

Photographing portrait with pets, especially little puppies, can mean a significant moment as the owners want to preserve the time when their pet is at its cutest.

Pets bring joy to a couple relationship and can be a source of bonding, just like children. Owners frequently identify themselves as “papa’ or “mama” to their pet.

Animal Photography Pet Photoshoot Pet Dog Photography

Pet naturally lit up their owner’s smile, as you can see in the picture.

Palm and paw moment, when human and animal are fated to be united through providence. There is so many types of dogs out there, to feel a natural liking and bond to the animal and bring it to a forever home, takes destiny too.

Animal Photography Pet Photoshoot Pet Dog Photography

A dog’s affection and love for its owner are unconditional.

Loki raring to run at the Gardens by the Bay grass patch. Such is the excitement and energy of a little puppy.

Animal Photography Pet Photoshoot Pet Dog Photography

A look of determination on Loki. Eager to go places in a hurry.

One of the happiest puppies around. Glad I managed to capture that expression. It was no mean feat as Loki was really zipping around.

A great conclusion the pet dog photography session. The weather was scorching hot and humid but it was Loki that melted my heart. For betta fish lovers, you can contact Cindy Loo at thebettastudio.com .

Photo Gears – 

Camera body – Canon EOS 5DMkIV. Lens – Canon EF300mm F4L IS , EF70-200mm F4L IS , EF100mm F2.8 macro USM. Pictures shot in RAW and processed with Adobe Photoshoot.

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