Outdoor Family Portrait Photography – Roseburg Family Nov 16

Outdoor Family Portrait Photography

An Outdoor Family Portrait Photography assignment to shoot for the Roseburg family in November 2016.  Location was at Bishan Park.  I have always wanted to photograph Jamie and her lovely family, having been their estate agent for the last three and a half years and seeing their kids grow up beautifully. So it was on a lovely Saturday morning when our scheduled casual photography session too place. Just thirty five minutes and forty-plus frames later, I got what I wanted of this easy-going photogenic family.  The children were animated and natural. This is certainly helpful in making the occasion more enjoyable and smooth.

Personally, there is no secret in shooting family portraiture session successfully. As in most assignment, it is the photographer’s ability to develop a  comfortable synergy with your subject, conveying clear communication what is expected. He’s like a conductor in an orchestra, seamlessly connecting the dots. The rest is is basically fun and play  as the emotion will show clearly in the picture. And of course, having the right camera gears as well as good weather are important factors too. Always avoid the late morning to mid afternoon due the harsh shadow. Best time are 8.00am to 9.30am or late afternoon 4.30-6.00pm, subject to local seasonal factors.

My favourite lens for achieving background separation from the subject is my trusty Canon EF70-200mm F4L IS lens, which gives tack sharp pictures right from full aperture. But if anyone have the 85mm range lens, it will be pretty ideal too.  And the choice of camera during this session was my recently acquired Canon EOS5DMkIV. And what a difference this full frame sensor was when compared to my previous APS-C Canon EOS80D. The skin tone, colour rendition, bokeh, etc, in short , image quality, is simply amazing.

Camera gears : 

Canon EOS 5Dmk4  , Lenses : Canon EF 70-200mm F4L IS


Outdoor Family Portrait Photography

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