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Hokkaido DIY vacation

Hokkaido DIY vacation

This Hokkaido DIY vacation still feels as if it's my first visit to the beautiful island as my previous three trips here were sponsored with all arrangements planned by the Hokkaido Tourism Board (HTB). On those trips, I visited Sapporo and its surrounding areas only briefly as the FAM trips focused mostly on the eastern region of the beautiful island. For this vacation, I planned all the itineraries personally using only Google Maps and a couple of Hokkaido-oriented Youtube channels with some input from HTB. The objectives of this holiday were to experience the cities of Sapporo and Otaru, catch ...
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Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Dear readers, traveling is once again the buzzword as most countries have reopened from the Cv-19 pandemic. I am sure you have been assuaged by plenty of vacation postings on your social media page. But one less-mentioned topic is travel wellness or maintaining good health during travel. Having recently discovered the world of Young Living essential oils and their benefits to users, it brings me great pleasure to commence an essential oils for travel wellness series, which I hope will help readers. What are Essential Oils? In layman's terms, essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from aromatic plants to ...
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Remembrance Day 2022

Remembrance Day 2022 was conducted at Kranji War Cemetery on 13 Nov 2022. The event is observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty. This day is held on 11 November to recall the end of 1st World War hostilities, which formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month" of 1918, in accordance with the armistice signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente between 5:12 and 5:20 that morning. Bagpipers from The Singapore Police Force ...
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Tour De France Singapore Criterium

Dear friends, did any of you attend the Tour De France Criterium Singapore held on the 29-30th October? I am not into cycling but I totally enjoyed photographing the event. This event is one of the many key sporting events to happen in Singapore. Never have I imagined one fine day, I can just drive 20min from my house and then proceed to photograph world-class cyclists whizzing past me. To catch the actual race in France would mean a 14 hours flight from Singapore. What is the Tour De France Criterium? The Tour de France is the pinnacle of professional ...
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Blue Boat House in Perth

Dear friends, like to share my experience with travel landmark photography. I just returned a couple of days back from Perth, on a photo assignment. Having some free time during the trip, I had an enjoyable time shooting the charming Blue Boat House in Perth or otherwise known as Crawley Edge Boatshed on Swan River. A brief introduction to the Blue Boat House The Nattrass family owns The Blue Boat House which was built in the 1930s). The boatshed was put up for sale in 2001 and purchased by Peter Nattrass, and Lord Mayor of Perth. The boatshed had become very run down by ...
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Birds Migration Season at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is a nature reserve in the northwest area of Singapore and is the first wetlands reserve to be gazetted locally in 2002. It is a significant stop-over point for migratory birds on East Asian-Australasian Flyway. This 130 hectares reserve was listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. For birders, the birds migration season at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is a key event on their photography calendar. Around 2,000 birds, from over 30 countries make the arduous journey from the Arctic to Singapore annually to escape winter’s cold. Tracking devices attached showed that the birds frequently transit at inland and coastal wetlands in ...
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S’pore NDP 2022

Dear friends, the S'pore NDP 2022 celebrates our 57th National Day. And what an occasion to celebrate the receding pandemic. The weekly rehearsals are the best way to grab some pictures leading to the actual day. You can never get all the shots by just shooting once on the actual day. The following are some tips which you might find helpful - The NDP 2022 rehearsal dates and timing from this week onwards - 9 July 2022 NE1 16 July 2022 NE2 23 July 2022 - Preview 1 30 July 2022 – Preview 2 Display timing - estimated (based ...
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Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival is one of the oldest dragon boat races in Singapore. The other festival is the Singapore River Regatta which has evolved into the Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub. Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2022 is SDBA's 1st event to bring back the exciting thumping of the dragon boat drums. A total of 161 teams and 2254 paddlers took part in the 3-day event held from 3 to 5 June 2022. Capturing the paddlers at slow shutter speed is one of my favourite photo techniques of the sport. Singapore Institute of Technology team in transit to the form-up ...
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SAF Open House 2022

After a 5-years hiatus, the SAF Army Open House 2022 (AOH22) makes a return to the F1 Pit Building. Themed "Generations of Strength" to commemorate 55 years of National Service, AOH22 comprise the AOH22 Virtual Exhibition, AOH22@F1 Pit Building and AOH22@Heartlands to showcase the army's 'hard and soft assets' to engage all walks of Singaporeans. I had planned to photograph and cover as much of the event as possible, but the insane 36°C heat and humidity brought me to my knees. I left the open house after less than 2 hours and maybe ninety clicks. But still, it's reassuring to ...
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Drone flying in Singapore

Flying drone in Singapore

Last week I had a quick last-minute plan to meet with a couple of my friends to discuss our impending overseas photography adventure and also did a droning session at the open field near Marina Coastal Drive. Just a brief session to take our drones out of storage to warm up their motor, refresh the Li-Po batteries and our droning skills. Flying drones in Singapore can be a tricky issue, as we have very limited land and air space. My friend Ace with his DJI Mini 2. Don't let the small size fools you. It's a piece of technological marvel ...
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Blue Hour Photography Event

Blue Hour Photography Event

This blue hour photography event is held in conjunction with Singapore World Water Day. I will be hosting an outing at one of Singapore's most iconic waterfront sites - The Merlion Park. During this session, you will learn the essential techniques to create stunning landscape photography at the blue hour (during sunset). All levels of photographers are welcomed, as there is something to learn for everyone! Don't worry if you don’t own a camera - we will arrange a complimentary loan of Canon's latest EOS R5 or EOS R6 cameras (subject to availability). This event is open to users of ...
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Macrophotography at Pulau Ubin

Dear friends, recently I conducted a day trip exploring the potential of macrophotography at Pulau Ubin. As the SG Rediscover Voucher was expiring on the last day of Dec 2021, a glance at Klook activities quickly confirmed this was the event I wanted. The tour package includes guided service, ferry fare (2 ways) and a return taxi ride to Chek Jawa. In all honesty, the compact island is easy to explore, so booking the guided trip was just to extend a little helping hand to pandemic-hit local travel firms by using the government-sponsored vouchers. Ubin has not changed much from ...
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Chillout at Seletar Fishing Village

Dear friends, with Cv-19 disrupting our travel plans, more people are seeking out 'exotic' locations in Singapore, for recreational activities like photography, cycling, picnics or simply to chill out. I am sure many of you would have seen postings on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, showing this gorgeous location at Yishun Dam. Why not visit and chill out at Seletar Fishing Village, Singapore's last fishing village. Seletar Fishing Village location map. For those driving, the best option is to drive to Rower's Bay Park at Seletar Club Road and park your car along the quiet 2-lanes road ...
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Blue Hour at Marina Bay

Dear friends, many of you should have heard of blue or golden hour photography. I like to touch on the blue hour, which arrives shortly after sunset when the sun's position is just below the horizon and produces those cooler tones. But it doesn't span an hour, it lasts only about 20-30min. In Singapore, our sunset is around 6.50 pm, so the blue hour lasts about 7 pm - 7.30 pm. In this article, like to share some pictures shot during the blue hour at Marina Bay. I like to describe photographers doing blue hour (i will touch on the ...
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FPDA 2021 50th Anniversary

The Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) member-nations – Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom – commemorated the FPDA 50th anniversary this afternoon at Marina South, with a flypast and a naval vessel display put up by member-nations at the conclusion of Exercise Bersama Gold 2021. The weather during the event was warm, humid and the overcast skies were hazy. Coupled with noon flypast (top lighting from the noon sun), all these combined to make a photographer's quest a nightmare. But looking on the bright side, there was no thunderstorm, which happens in this tropical monsoon season. The ...
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Singapore Red Lions Parachute Team

The Singapore Armed Forces Red Lions parachute team is certainly our national icon, especially during our nation's annual national day celebration. The parachutists free-falling, floating in the skies and precision landing at the parade venue always bring unspoken joy among the spectators while kickstarting the event celebratory mood. What it takes to be a Red Lion ? The basic qualification for a display jumper is a minimum of 500 jumps, with its members selected only from soldiers in the Commandos and the Naval Diving Unit as they are the only formations which are operationally trained in military free-fall. Training is ...
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Macrophotography at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Dear readers, have any of you visited Singapore Botanic Gardens lately? I recently conducted a visit to the gorgeous gardens to orientate myself for an upcoming macrophotography photowalk for Canon Imaging Academy. There are great beauty in little things, especially when up close. I hope to share this with the photowalk attendees. The weather was really hot and humid, do hydrate adequately and put on appropriate attire if you intend on doing likewise. I am sure you enjoy macrophotography at Singapore Botanic Gardens. A Smooth-headed Stingless Bee on a monkey-pod raintree flower. 1/200, F4, IS0 100. A Plain Tiger Butterfly ...
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SG Travel Photowalk @ Haji Lane

Dear friends, like to keep you informed that I will be conducting a travel photography photowalk at Haji Lane. Let's explore Singapore and be ready to discover the world when international borders reopen (yes, in Singapore, we have Chinatown, Little India, Little Thailand, Little Middle East, Little Japan or Little Korea in various localities around the island. I am pleased to partner Canon Imaging Academy, in conducting this specially curated outing at one of the most photographed streets at Haji Lane (Little Middle East). This SG Travel Photowalk is opened to photographers of all levels. If you don’t own a ...
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MacRitchie Reservoir Prunus Trail

MacRitchie Reservoir Prunus Trail is part of more than 500ha of primary and secondary forests located in the Catchment Nature Reserve, which is also Singapore's oldest reservoir (established 1894). How To Get There The MacRitchie Prunus Trail starts near the entrance of MacRitchie Nature Trail from the eastern end of the reservoir. Its part of the Prunus-Petai Trail at 3km which should takes an average of 1 hour to complete. To get to the trail from the amenities centre, head towards your right and get on the footpath at the edge of the reservoir. Follow this footpath until you reach ...
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Wildlife Photography @ Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

In Singapore highly urbanised landscape, Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve is the ideal location for visitors looking to connect with nature and photographers looking to shoot wildlife photography. Designated an Asean Heritage Park in 2003, this 202 hectare reserve located in the north-western region is a key stop-over point for migratory birds from as far as Siberia on their way to Australia to escape the winter months. Reserve visitors at the Kingfisher Observation Pod (Coastal Trail) enjoying nature along the mangroves along the water edge. Schools of tilapia and mullets can be frequently seen here with the resident crocodiles hunting for ...
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5 Places You Should Not Miss in Adelaide

This exploration trip was organised by Australia travel specialist, Jetabout Holidays. Australia is a huge continent with individual cities that have unique characteristics and Adelaide, is home to exciting places and activities that will delight us city-folks in nature, serenity, and great local cuisine. Do check out the following 5 places which you should not miss when in Adelaide. Places mapped by Wanderlog, an itinerary planner on iOS and Android This exploration trip was organised by Australia travel specialist, Jetabout Holidays. Australia is a huge continent with individual cities that have unique characteristics and Adelaide, is home to exciting places ...
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Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road

Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road

Melbourne to Adelaide via Great Ocean Road is a popular route that is the gem of road trips in southern Australia. This trip was organised by Jetabout Holidays in collaboration with Tourism Australia, to ascertain the latest condition in the Southern Australia region, which was largely unaffected by the recent catastrophic bushfires that impacted especially eastern Australia. But the Covid-19 virus outbreak added another dimension to the trip - "Are Australians unwelcoming of Asians as the virus seemed to have originated from Wuhan in China? Will we be stigmatized or profiled?". I have great news for all who might have ...
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Travel Australia helps Recovery

Your Continued Travel to Australia Helps in its Recovery.

Australia is a huge continent, all 7.692 million km² of it. I know the news coming out from Down Under since late July 2019 have been nothing but about bushfires and may likely affect your intention to visit the gorgeous destination. But here's the low-down - Not all places on the vast continent are affected, it's still safe to travel to Australia. Please don’t cancel your trip. Your continued travel to Australia helps in its recovery. The aim of this article is to advise readers on updates and help in making an informed decision when planning their trips to Australia ...
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Singapore Airshow 2020, Asia’s Largest Airshow.

Finally, for aviation enthusiasts, the much-anticipated 7th edition of the Singapore Airshow 2020 is just around the corner. This aviation event is organised and managed by Experia Events and touted as Asia’s largest and one of the most important aerospace and defence exhibitions in the world. This year edition is understandably affected by the evolving novel corona-virus, with several exhibitors and aerial teams pulling out due to safety concerns. But the organiser has put in place enhanced measures to safeguard the well-being of attendees. Formerly known as Changi International Airshow, the event has attained a significant presence in aviation ...
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Family vacation Kyoto Osaka

DIY Vacation to Kyoto and Osaka

Finally, after more than a month of research and planning, we embarked on a DIY vacation to Kyoto and Osaka, with a side trip to visit Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture. This was our first visit to mainland Japan on a free-independent-traveler (FIT) leisurely pace utilising the impressive and superb Japanese transportation network, after gaining experience from a self-driven vacation to Okinawa 2 years back. Just 5-6 years ago, visiting Japan without a tour guide would have been a daunting task in view of the language barrier. With Japan getting ever more traveller-friendly, modern technologies like GPS, Google Translate App on ...
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Japan Fastest Mochi Pounders Nakatanidou

Dear friends, was there a time you feel you just have to get that picture? I have such photographic impulse many times and the latest was at Nara city, in my quest to record Japan's fastest mochi pounders Nakatanidou. Nakatanidou won the national high-speed mochitsuki (the pounding of rice to make mochi) championship in 2005 and 2006 and since then they have become a household name synonymous with exciting mochitsuki performances. The mochitsuki does not have fixed schedule as the shop owner only starts pounding when their freshly-made mochi are running out, which can be every 30-45 minute intervals and ...
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short getaway to Manila

Escapade to Manila

Finally I fulfilled a short escapade to Manila, after an aborted plan more than a decade ago to visit the Palawan for scuba diving. Philippines has always been on my bucket list since. But any visit to any country is better late than never. Most of us in Singapore would have "felt connected" in some ways with Philippines through their domestic helpers, Filipino friends in professional capacities or perhaps Jollibee food outlets. With a population of more 100 million and an estimated 10 million working overseas, it's one of the largest diasporas in the world. This is an immense archipelagic ...
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4 Nights Libaran Island & Kinabatangan Wildlife & Macro Photography (Dep: 21 Apr 20) ALL Inclusive!

HIGHLIGHTS On this trip, participants can look forward to many opportunities to capture images of indigenous wildlife like the proboscis monkey, orangutans and pygmy elephants just to name a few, including witnessing baby turtles release, on Pulau Libaran Turtle Hatchery. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy 1st hand nature experience through the eyes of Alexander Yee, a passionate conservationist and a trained Honorary Wildlife Warden, who have been featured in Discovery Channel Borneo and On the Red Dot television documentaries. ...
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Photography tour exotic HaGiang

Ha Giang, the Hidden Gem of Northern Vietnam

It was an eye-opening photography group tour to exotic HaGiang, Vietnam's most northerly province bordering Southern China, together with five avid photographers. In comparison to all my other trips, Ha Giang takes the trophy for its amazing mountains and tribal ethnic landscape. Although just 300km from Hanoi, the arduous land journey chomped up more than 7 hours from Hanoi as the infrastructures are somewhat basic and inconsistent at best. The region is still not quite opened to international tourism as yet while the local cuisine may not agree with most of us from foodie-mad Singapore. But therein lies the "off ...
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New Zealand North Island Self-Drive Road Trip

This 1-week road trip to the North Island of New Zealand, was like a sequel to my South Island road trip, also a year ago in May 2018. Most travel reviews cite South Island as the 'prettier' of the two - more scenic and less crowded with highlights like the spectacular Mt.Cook and Milford Sound or Fiordland National Park while the North Island has the beautiful Hobbiton Movie Set, thermal 'hotbeds' in Rotorua and the Bay of Islands.
North Island, with the major city Auckland is more densely populated and urbanised and we even encountered traffic jam on the city highway ...
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Off Beaten Track Vilnius Lithuania

Off The Beaten Track to Vilnius, Lithuania.

This short off the beaten track to Vilnius, Lithuania to acquaint myself with birch tree sap and its production was arranged by my business partner in early 2018. Though brief, the trip certainly opened my eyes to this Baltic state, which was a former Soviet bloc nation.  Vilnius city does not have bustling night market nor street food like in Thailand or Taiwan. But if history, culture, natural landscape and heritage sites are your faves, then you will be fascinated by this country. Vilnius Historic Centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and famed for its medieval ...
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Guilin Itinerary 3 Days

What You Can Do With Just 3 Days in Guilin.

China is one huge country and among its 674 cities, Guilin is one of the most popular destinations. But what you can do with just 3 days in Guilin? In this travelogue, I like to share my 3 Days Guilin itinerary and some travel ideas for a quality short trip. Most who have yet to visit this city will surely have seen its spectacular scenery of karst mountain landscape and the ubiquitous 'old fisherman with cormorant' plastered all over the internet. Guilin is the gateway to the surrounding regions which on this trip, we explored Long Sheng and Yangshuo, which ...
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Broome - Photographers' Heaven Australia

Broome – Photographers’ Heaven in Western Australia

This exploratory trip to the laidback resort town with Alvin Foo (Principal, Canon Imaging Academy) and Cindy Loo (Jetabout Holidays) convinced me that Broome is certainly a photographers' heaven in Western Australia. For city folks with a penchant for the non-touristy, serene and unhurried pace of life or photography enthusiasts looking for spectacular nature, wildlife and landscape or couples planning pre-wedding bridal photography in non-mainstream destinations, Broome IS IT! But sadly, current direct flights are only limited to three annual special chartered SilkAir flights from Changi Airport in June. For flights during normal period, a domestic transfer via Perth is ...
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Kanchanaburi Thailand underrated destinations travel blog

Kanchanaburi, one of Thailand’s most underrated destinations

Kanchanaburi offers something for everyone and in my honest opinion, is certainly one of Thailand's most underrated destinations. Blessed with natural and historical attractions, this laid-back town features many sightseeing opportunities that would please nature lovers and history buffs alike. World War II memories dominate a large portion of the town, with a number of museums and war memorials dedicated to the many lives lost during the Japanese occupation, while nature parks and its surrounding area offer visitors welcomed respite from the bustle of city life. The following are some of the activities you can enjoy when you vacation here ...
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shooting a new landmark as iconic as the Jewel at Changi Airport

Taming the Jewel @ Changi Airport

When shooting a newly minted landmark as iconic as the Jewel at Changi Airport during the preview days prior to the official opening on the 17th April 2019, any photographers at whatever level of experience will face a steep learning curve. One of the key challenges comes from the immense human traffic as 500,000 preview visit passes were issued for the 1-week event. But we went through a shooting session and came away with some tips that might just help those planning a photo trip there. Observe the Lighting Good photography is all about good lighting. Without ideal lighting, ...
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Adventure Activities Canberra Region Australia

Thermal Gliding in Canberra

Australia has always been one of the world's powerhouses for exciting activities that adrenaline junkies swear by - skydiving, shark diving, kite surfing, hang gliding, bungee jumping, just to name a few. Coming from a tiny highly urbanised country like Singapore, the opportunity to enjoy thermal gliding is non-existent as huge tracts of land and airspace with the right conditions are required. Being an aerial enthusiast when I was an avid aeromodeler during my teens, the dream to sail the skies in a glider has always been on my wishlist. Thus I was over the moon when I finally had ...
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Canberra Regions Road Trip Itinerary

33 Things to Do, See, Eat on a Road Trip to Canberra and Regions

This one week exploration trip to Canberra - the capital of Australia and the surrounding regions reveals one thing - Australia is consistently beautiful, whichever the region, with each having slightly different 'personalities and flavours'. The impression of Canberra, being the seat of political headquarter, is 'less exciting' is certainly a misconception. This travelogue highlights 33 things to do, see, eat on a road trip to Canberra and regions.    Canberra is charming in her own ways and a springboard to interesting attractions in the surrounding regions. Less touristy, less cars on the road, with laid-back friendly locals offering an ...
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Khao Kho – Northern Thailand’s “little Switzerland” in the Highlands

Thailand is a big country - 513,120 km² to be exact. Most travellers would know or have visited Bangkok, beach resort of Phuket, seaside town of Pattaya or the northern cities of Chiang Mai at some point of their trips to Thailand. But the name Khao Kho may not register on most travellers' mind. With this travelogue, I hope readers will place Khao Kho- Northern Thailand's "little Switzerland" in the highlands in their bucket list. Khao Kho is a district of Phetchabun province, about 392km north of Bangkok. It's a mountainous region with cool weather all year round and famed ...
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Thailand Self Drive Khao Yai & Ayutthaya

Thailand self-drive vacation – Khao Yai and Ayutthaya

Khao Yai is one of Thailand's most popular places to visit as it's easily accessible from Bangkok. This region is home to Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many farming plantations. However, anyone planning to visit this area will quickly realise that public transportation is not well developed. There is no Grab, Uber or public taxi plying in this region. Thus, engaging a local driver is the norm for most visitors. Where the trip involves an overnight stay, the costs increased as the driver's accommodation and meals have to be factored in.  This Thailand self-drive vacation ...
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First Timer Road Trip to Coral Coast – Western Australia

Western Australia has always been many Asians' (especially Singaporeans) fave destination in Down Under. It's in the same time zone and we are primed for a fabulous vacation after a quick 4.5-hours flight. Perth is the gateway to the Coral Coast, which is ideal for travelers who enjoy road trips, beautiful scenery, wildlife and adventures away from touristy location. You can observe wild dolphins up-close at Monkey Mia, feast on some of the freshest lobsters at Cervantes, wildflowers trails along the routes or experience local Aboriginal culture, just to name a few. This self-drive exploratory trip was a Jetabout Holidays ...
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Tibetan Experience Hidden Valley Yunnan

The Hidden Valley Resort – Shangri-La’s Best Kept Secret

There are countless resorts in exotic locations all over the world vying for tourists dollars offering unique experiences, great service and vibes. Indeed, it's a boom time for intrepid travellers as they are awash with innumerable choices. Having travelled consistently to many places over the last couple of years as a travel writer and photographer, I have to admit I am getting more, for want of a better word, "jaded" as the adventures stacked up. But the amazing Hidden Valley Resort effortlessly unravelled and made me fall in love all over again with wanderlust. If it sounded like hyperbole, then ...
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Tips Select Perfect Maldives Holidays

6 Tips On How to Choose Your Ideal Resort in the Maldives

Having travelled to the Maldives five times and experienced twelve resorts over the course of two years, opened my eyes sufficiently to pen this article on 6 tips on how to choose your ideal resort in the Maldives. This can help readers to better cut through the clutter and make a more informed decision when choosing their ideal resort. A trip to the Maldives certainly doesn't come cheap and so getting that "perfect" resort with the best bang for your hard-earned money is important.  For a start, pretty much all resorts in the Maldives will offer you a similar spectacular Maldivian ...
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Some useful tips droning in the Maldives

Tips on Flying Drone in the Maldives

Some useful tips for droning in the Maldives In this short article, I would like to share some practical tips about drone photography in the Maldives. The gorgeous seascape and immense beauty of the oceanic location make drone photography and videography a compelling endeavour. Droning opens up angles of view not available to eye level photography. With a well-made drone, you are like an eagle in skies, taking in the bird's eyes view of the paradise. Question: Is drone flying permitted at all the Maldives resorts? No, the first thing all drone pilots must do is to verify with the resort management you ...
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Best Luxury Resort Maldives Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi

5 Reasons why I don’t like Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi

5 Reasons why I don't like the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi There is so much hype about the Maldives being a paradise with the unbelievable turquoise sea with gin clear water and vibrant marine life. I just don't understand why. That can only mean 1 thing - these people must have never travelled to other parts of the world before. Here are some reasons why I don't like The Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi (opened in April 2018) after my recent visit. 1. I was unable to swim around the island lagoon A 5-star luxury 120 villas resort on an island that covers ...
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Best Maldives Deal Grand Park Kodhipparu Promotion

Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives – Quick Gateway to Paradise

A vacation to the Maldives can be a bucket-list event for many travellers. But the wide range of resorts renders decision-making a challenging task. Within a similar price band, every other resort looks so ever inviting and heavenly with overwater or beachfront villas. After my recent trip (my 4th) and 10th resorts inspected, the experience has enabled me to assist readers to have a better understanding and easier time at deciding what is ideal for them. Invariably, the first thing that narrows choices for a Maldives trip involves budget. Good Maldives resorts have the reputation of being astronomically pricey. This ...
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Why Eastern Hokkaido Should Be Your Next Photography Destination

Eight Reasons Why Eastern Hokkaido Should Be Your Next Photography Destination

Eight Reasons Why Eastern Hokkaido Should Be Your Next Photography Destination This visit to Hokkaido is my third over a four-year span but the beautiful island never fails to fascinate me each time. Perhaps the different season and travel theme conspired to maintain that novelty feel. Indeed, Hokkaido has been so successful in establishing herself as a winter holiday destination that the notion winter is the best time to visit sticks in the mind of most visitors. But I beg to differ, the island has so much to offer to anyone and everyone all year round beyond the powdery snow ...
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1st-Timer New Zealand South Island Self-Drive Road Trip

1st-Timer New Zealand South Island Self-Drive Road Trip To many who have yet to visit New Zealand, the impression of the country invariably conjures up imagery of sheep (tons of them), rolling vista of mountain ranges with wispy white clouds, the famed All Blacks Rugby team and tattooed wide-eyed Maori warriors sticking their tongues out in a Haka dance. Yes, New Zealand has all this but much much more. As a travel photographer, I can say with conviction that this is one immensely beautiful country that will have you yearning to come back for more. South Island carries the reputation ...
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Nature Way Road Trip Darwin Surrounds - Australia Northern Territory

6 Days Road Trip to Darwin, Australia Northern Territory

Whenever Australia is mentioned, images of wildlife, delicious big portioned meals made with fresh local produces, hopping kangaroos, and friendly laid-back Aussies always come to my mind. Indeed, Australia is a popular destination with Sydney and Melbourne taking the top two ranking as the country's most visited cities but the immensely picturesque Northern Territory is only in the 10th position. I hope this 6 Days Road Trip to Darwin travelogue will convince readers why they should plan a visit here on their next adventure. The Northern Territory is truly spectacular and should be on everyone's bucket list, especially nature lovers ...
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Borneo Ecotourism Libaran Turtle Sanctuary

Borneo – Ecotourism Hub of Southeast Asia

Having travelled a fair bit in my travel blogging assignments, some of my best travel experiences are those that are least planned. This trip reminded me why Sabah is Borneo Ecotourism Hub of Southeast Asia. This trip was essentially a photography project for three nature lodges that are owned by my former classmate, Alexander Yee, a socio-eco entrepreneur with a portfolio of tourism-related businesses. Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia. Also nicknamed Negeri Di Bawah Bayu -"Land beneath the wind". Borneo is blessed with some of the world's most biodiverse equatorial rainforests that are easily accessible. The ...
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RSAF50 Centennial Celebration – Medevac Demo at Sembawang

RSAF50 Centennial Celebration - Medevac Demonstration at Sembawang As part of a suite of activities to mark her 50th Anniversary through 2018 in the heartlands, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) held an inaugural Search and Rescue (SAR) demo at an open field close to the Sembawang MRT on the 31st March and 1st April. Medical officers performed a “casualty” evacuation on a stretcher to the helicopter under its whirring blades. The display was a simulation by the RSAF 125 Squadron and 1 Medical Squadron personnel.  Video of the event compiled by © Tedd Jong Wei. Part of the spectators at the event ...
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Kompong Khleang – the only Fishing Village in Tonle Sap worth visiting

Kompong Khleang - the largest lakeside community on Tonle Sap To most visitors in Siem Reap, after visiting the main temples in the Angkor heritage sites, the natural option is to check out the floating villages at the Tonle Sap. There are three main villages that travel guides will bring to your attention - Chong Kneas, Kompong Pluk and Kompong Khleang. My message in this short blog is to highlight why Kompong Khleang is the ONLY village that's worth your time and money. Location of the 3 main lakeside villages on Tonle Sap  Kompong Khleang is the furthest from Siem ...
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5 Tips to make your Siem Reap Trip Fun

5 Tips to Make Your Siem Reap Trip Fun

For readers who have yet to visit Cambodia's renowned archaeological treasure, Angkor, I am pretty certain they would have heard some dismal sentiments from their friends who have been- "After a few temples, they all looked alike", "somewhat boring", "beware of scams", "doubt I will want to visit the place again" and so the list goes on. I can understand why they have such negative experience, which I believe stemmed from lack of sound advice compounded by not being served by a competent guide or simply a mismatch in expectations. In this article, I like to share 5 tips on how to better ...
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Singapore Airshow 2018 – Asia’s largest aviation event

Singapore Airshow 2018 - Asia's Largest Aviation Event The much-anticipated biennial airshow dubbed as "Asia's Largest Aerospace and Defence event", was held at Changi Exhibition Center from the 6th-11th February 2018. The first four days were reserved for trade which provided valuable networking opportunities for the global aerospace community, industry movers and shakers, government and military delegations. Likewise, the airshow is the best launch-pad for start-ups to showcase their latest technologies and products to potential investors and customers. It also presents a choice avenue for fledgeling companies with access to the TOP 100 aerospace and defence companies, major airlines and ...
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Okinawa travelogue

First-timer Road Trip to Okinawa – Part 2

First-timer Road Trip to Okinawa - Part 2 This blog is a continuation of my earlier Okinawa travelogue (Part 1) which detailed my coastal phase of the road trip and marked the transition from the laid-back ambience of the northern part of the island to the hustle-bustle of Naha city in the south. The itineraries flow from north to south is ideal as the airport is located at Naha in the south. Starting a vacation from the south and ending in the north would mean a long drive back to the city on departure day. Likewise, most of the shopping is ...
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Detailed Road Trip Guide to Okinawa Japan for First Timers

First-Timer Road Trip to Okinawa – Part 1

Welcome to this my First-Timer Road Trip to Okinawa. To most travellers, a trip to Japan is usually the mainstream cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or the winterland Hokkaido. Unlike the key cities, Okinawa is less on the mind of most travellers heading to Japan. Personally, my interest in Okinawa was roused by pictures of Whale Sharks at the renowned Churaumi Aquarium. And being a military enthusiast, the happenings at Kadena Air Base, which is the largest and most active US Air Force base in the Far East. So it was the recent resumption of direct flight by Jetstar that ...
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Road Trip New South Wales Mountain Coast Grand Pacific Drive

Mountain to Coast Adventure in New South Wales, Australia

When was the last time you truly love your vacation and missed it deeply after you returned ? If you love long road trips with scenic view, then this is one of the best there is. Just about an hour drive from Sydney, this route is known as the Grand Pacific Drive and is one of Australia most spectacular driving routes.  Most visitors are familiar with the metropolitan capital city of Sydney or iconic Gold Coast, so where is New South Wales located? New South Wales (abb. NSW) is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to ...
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Sydney South Coast Road Trip. MUST-DO Vintage Biplane Aerial Adventure

Sydney South Coast Road Trip – MUST-DO Vintage Biplane Aerial Adventure

Vintage Biplane Aerial Adventure in New South Wales, Australia As a kid, I was particularly fascinated by all the things that fly, from birds to aeroplanes cruising high in the blue skies and marking contrails.. I always wondered, how amazing it would be to pilot a plane.  But as life would have it, my aerial ambition would remain a childhood dream. Most of our encounter with aeroplanes are usually with the airliners we took on an overseas vacation. It gets you in comfort to your destination but the flight experience is akin to one in a big air-conditioned bus. And you ...
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Quick Guide – Hahndorf, Australia’s Oldest Surviving German Village

Hahndorf - Australia's Oldest Surviving German Village During my last trip to South Australia, I "stumbled" on a little piece of gem. Due to inclement weather, my travel mate and I chose to explore Hahndorf instead of the Pink Lake, as the dark overcast skies were threatening to open up. What we lost in our aborted plan, we gained by the visit to this little charming village that is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement which celebrated its 179 years as this year. Hahndorf is a small town in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. With tourism gaining importance, it has previously been a centre for ...
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Must Visit Adelaide - Guided Tour at Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market – A Must-Visit When in Adelaide

Adelaide Central Market - A must-visit when in Adelaide In most of my travel overseas, a visit to the city or town main market is a must as it's the best place to get a feel and dynamism of the locale.  A market tells a lot about the country that you are visiting. In Adelaide, a visit to the Central Market is a definite must-do. It has been described as a "multicultural hub with fresh produce, gourmet goods and lots of heart" in the South Australia Travel Idea Travel Ideas webpage. Other than "lots of heart", I can attest this market ...
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Your Ultimate 3 Days Road Trip Guide To Kangaroo Island – Australia’s Best Hidden Gem

Why Kangaroo Island Deserves a Longer Stay Beautiful coastal views, fabulous scenic drive routes, great dining and adventure pit-stops are some 'ingredients' necessary for a memorable road trip. Kangaroo Island in South Australia ticks all the boxes for a perfect laid-back yet exciting vacation. So it comes as a surprise to me that most people would think of this beautiful island as a day-trip or a 1-night stopover destination. I hope my travelogue based on my recent trip there will encourage more visitors to stay longer and explore this gem of an island. Kangaroo Island Location & History Source: ...
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Swim Tuna Victor Harbour, South Australia Jensen Chua Jetblogger

Swim with Tuna at Victor Harbour, South Australia

Swim with Tuna at Victor Harbour, South Australia We have all probably heard of or even experienced swimming with dolphins in a marine-themed park, whale sharks perhaps in Ningaloo, caged shark diving in South Africa or even swim with jellyfish in Palau. But swim with tuna? Now that's new. This is Oceanic Victor, the latest marine-themed attraction at Victor Harbour, South Australia. The facility is located within a Habitat Protection Zone of the Encounter Marine Park. The facility opened to the public on 2nd September 2017. Oceanic Victor is an Australian privately owned company established by Mick Dyer and his wife, Yasmin ...
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Tasmania Convoy Self-drive Adventure September 2017

Road Trip- Tasmania Convoy September 2017 – Tulip Season

Tasmania Convoy Adventure September 2017 This 8D7N self-drive convoy adventure was organised by Jetabout Holidays and held from the 21-28 September 2017. To ensure a better trip experience, participants and cars were kept to a manageable amount. In total, we had seven attendees with Cindy Loo (trip guide and facilitator) and myself included. Chasing the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) was one of the trip objectives. However, nature being what it is, we were rewarded with Milky Way rather than the aurora on the last night of our trip. But along the way, we got to experience a fair bit of the Tasmanian magic ...
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Soneva Jani Apex Luxury Maldivian Getaways JetBlogger Jensen Chua

Soneva Jani – Apex Of Luxury Maldivian Getaways

This visit to the amazing Soneva Jani completed my visit to all three land-based properties in the Soneva chain of resorts, the other two being Soneva Fushi at Kunfunadhoo in Baa Atoll, Maldives and Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, South Thailand. In comparison with six other Maldivian resorts that I recently experienced, I can attest that Soneva Jani is certainly at the apex of luxury resorts not just in Maldives but worldwide. Visitors looking to enjoy the Maldivian paradise can be overwhelmed by the wide range of premium accommodation as each resort seeks to distinguish itself with unique features and no–holds–barred services ...
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Most Photogenic Night Market Bangkok Rod Fai Train Market Ratchada

The Most Photogenic Night Market In Bangkok – Rod Fai Train Market at Ratchada

The Rod Fai Market in the Ratchada area of Bangkok is an amazing venue for the avid photographer. This article is intended for shutterbugs looking to shoot the top view of the night market, which is making the rounds on the internet. The following photography and travel tips will be helpful for all who may be thinking of capturing that angle, visit the place or both. Photographing Bangkok New Rod Fai Night Market at Ratchada To shoot this top view of the market, take the lift to Level 4 at the Esplanade Mall (just beside the night market) and walk to the car ...
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Soneva Fushi Resort Premium Robinson Crusoe adventure Maldives

Soneva Fushi – Premium Robinson Crusoe Adventure In The Maldives

Soneva Fushi is one of the earliest Maldivian luxury resorts (established 1995) and one of the most distinctive too, with its early emphasis on environmental sustainability and barefoot luxury. This visit marked my second visit to a Soneva resort, the first being Soneva Kiri in Koh Hood, Thailand. With similar interior styling and "Robinson Crusoe" concept, great memories from the previous visit resumed 'seamlessly' at this lovely resort but even better with views of the beautiful Baa Atoll. The resort Soneva Fushi is located on the island of Kunfunadhoo in Baa Atoll, one of the largest islands in the Maldives ...
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Sri Lanka Airlines Flight Review Singapore Travel Blogger Jensen Chua

Sri Lanka Airlines – My first flight review

In my second resorts exploratory trip to Maldives this year, I had the opportunity to fly with Sri Lanka Airlines, for the very first time. Changi International Airport offers a wide selection of airlines but I usually stick to my 'comfort zone' of carriers that I am comfortable with, based on branding, experience and perception of value. That said, my first flight with Sri Lanka Airlines was a pleasantly good affair. My positive review are based on three main criteria - price, service level and flight experience. From a price perspective, the full service round-trip ticket from Singapore to Velana ...
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Anantara Kihavah Maldives Luxury Resort Paradise Baa Atoll travelogue

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas – The Luxury Paradise at The Baa Atoll

The very mention of Maldives always evolves an image of coconut palms on a tiny island, of azure crystal clear water, of postcard perfect scenery be it land or underwater. Yes, I can't imagine anyone not falling in love with this tropical paradise. But just as true, are the pricey premium resorts that many would dream about and consider a vacation here "a trip of a lifetime" or something on their bucket list. Thus, as a travel blogger with Jetabout Holidays, I had the luck to experience more than half a dozen high-end resorts over a short period of time ...
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U Inchantree Resort Best Boutique Resort beside River Kwai Bridge

U Inchantree Resort – Most Romantic Resort by River Kwai Bridge

The U Inchantree Resort Kanchanaburi is definitely one of the best option for visitors looking for a cosy resort conveniently located near the River Kwai Bridge should they planned a vacation in this beautiful town. This is my 2nd stay at the resort which I visited five years ago and the resort have since gained a new wing making it a 50 rooms set up. Service is still as commendable, brisk and the resort retains a peaceful ambience. Incidentally, you might be pleased to know it garnered Thailand's 'Most Romantic Resort 2011/12' accolade by World Travel Award. The Resort U ...
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An Escape to Paradise in Fiji Islands by JetBlogger Jensen Chua

Escape to Paradise in Fiji Islands

This 'Escape to Paradise in Fiji Islands' travelogue touches on the island of South Viti Levu, Sigatoka town and Kuata island, is a continuation from my earlier article on my Fiji Islands adventure, where I explore the town of Savusavu in North Fiji, which is considered to be Fiji Islands' best-kept secret. The beauty of Fiji Islands has a timeless and natural beauty quite unlike anywhere else. Any vacationers, particularly those keen in photography, will especially enjoy the exotic and picture-perfect islands. SOUTH VITI LEVU ISLAND Pure Fuji My 1st stop on arriving on the island was Pure Fiji, a ...
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Savusavu - Fiji Islands' Best-kept Secret

Savusavu – Fiji Islands’ Best-Kept Secret

The thought of visiting Fiji should make anyone feels exhilarated with all that sun, sand and sea. Blessed with 333 tropical islands and home to some of the happiest people on Earth, nothing prepared me for the charm and warmth of the Fijians, much less the gorgeous sights and sound of the truly spectacular islands located in the heart of the South Pacific. My itineraries included islands exploration – Savusavu, South Viti Levu Island, Sigotaka and Kuata Island. In this article, I’ve put together some brilliant places you could explore for your trip to Savusavu, considered to be Fiji Islands' best-kept ...
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Save money Sydney vacation Jensen Chua Singapore Travel Blogger

5 Ways to Save Money on a Sydney Vacation

According The Telegraph (UK) , Sydney is one of the top 20 most expensive cities in the world to visit, having fallen from 5th position in 2014. While that sounds like good news for travellers on a budget, there is no denying this is still an expensive city to visit, right up there with London, Zurich and Paris. What each traveller spend on and does during the vacation will have will effect on the best experience. The following are 5 ways to save money for those on free and easy arrangements but still enjoy a fabulous vacay. You just need ...
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X2 River Kwai Best Instagrammable Resort Kanchanaburi

X2 Kwai Resort – The most “Instagrammable” Resort in Kanchanaburi

X2 (pronounced Cross Two) chain of resorts are fast gaining a reputation as a high-design, boutique range of holiday destination properties across Asia and Australia.  Since their introduction to the market they have risen to be among the most famous of boutique resorts in Thailand and across South East Asia, winning numerous awards and accolades. I was especially impressed by the resort's chain mantra - "to have a very unique and unequivocal persona that is embraced by all elements of the resort. Whether it be design, service, location" for as a travel photographer, a destination uniqueness and resort character helped ...
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6 Must Do activities Sydney Travel Tips Singapore Travel Blogger

6 ‘Must-Do’ activities when you have 72 hours in Sydney

Sydney’s a gorgeous city to visit with plenty to do and see. But when you have just 72 hours to burn here, I like to suggest 6 must-do activities in early winter for a memorable trip that will have you plan future visits again. So come along and join me on my quick trip Down Under. Must Do #1 - Visit the Sydney Opera House No trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to the iconic Sydney Opera House. Missing it would be like visiting Paris without seeing Eiffel Tower. A fusion of ancient with modernist influences , the immense beauty of the ...
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Hotel Reviews 137 Pillars Suites New Hotel Bangkok Singapore Travel Blogger Jensen Chua

5 reasons why you will love 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok

International tourist arrivals in Thailand reached a record high in 2016 and is projected to continue doing well in 2017 with more than 30 million foreigners arrivals annually. Tourism accounts for about 10 percent of Thailand's GDP and is one of the few bright spots for an economy that under performed peers in Southeast Asia. So it not surprising to see many new hotels being built. But amid the wide offering, the recently opened (February 2017) 137 Pillars Suites and Residences is one hotel to watch. Reason #01 - Great location Located at the heart of Bangkok’s upscale Emquartier & Emporium Shopping area and ...
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12 reasons why Soneva Kiri is the best resort in Thailand

In my travel assignments to date, I had the privilege to enjoy many resorts, each extolling to impart the "ultimate" experience. At Soneva Kiri, I can finally attest I found that one resort that "rules them all". Located on the secluded island of Koh Kood, the resort offers an unparalleled level of luxurious and memorable experience, cocooning its guests with impeccable service that any stay feels too short. In this blog, I am pleased to list twelve reasons why this resort, in my humble opinion, is the best resort in Thailand. So before the accolades sounded like hyperbole, do join me ...
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10 Breathtaking Australian locations worth driving JetBlogger Jensen Chua Photography

10 Breathtaking Australian locations worth driving for

During Australia’s spring season, Aussie Specialist, Cindy Loo and myself , headed for a 2 weeks self-drive trip around Sydney and Tasmania that totalled some 3000km. Here are 10 amazing locations that have been shortlisted into this travel guide. Get to know which places in Australia I will recommend anyone planning a Sydney or Tasmania road trip. Rev up your engines and get ready for an epic trip Down Under! 1. Tasmania : Lake Pedder (Southern Lights) The Aurora Australis at Lake Pedder Most people heard about Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, which are visible from places such as Norway, Iceland ...
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Singapore Travel Blogger Photographer Hotel Reviews Avani Riverside Bangkok

Avani Riverside – Gorgeous hotel by the Chao Phraya River

The Avani Riverside Bangkok is owned by the Minor Hotels Group that owns and manages, among diverse businesses, the famous Anantara chain of hotels. The Avani Riverside is a departure from the “conservative slick” set up of the Anantara resort and having opened in April 2016, is equipped with the latest technologies and of course, you can expect similar top-notch service. Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, this upmarket hotel is just about 8 km from both the Wat Arun temple and the Grand Palace. It’s also 13 km from Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Guests will especially love the rooftop infinity pool ...
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Chasing Southern Lights Tasmania JetBlogger Jensen Chua and Jetabout Holidays

Chasing the Southern Lights in Tasmania

Whenever the subject of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights crops up, most people think of Norway, Iceland or the Arctic.  But with the sun’s 11-year solar cycle coming to an end, these nature wonders are fading and may not be seen as often for another decade.  Fortunately for us in Asia, the Southern Hemisphere has its own light show – the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. The Southern Lights is deemed a fairly 'recent discovery' as one of the pioneer spotters - Margaret Sonnemann, only saw the phenomenon slightly more than 15 years ago. Today her Facebook group, Aurora Australis Tasmania, ...
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Travel Tips Sharing. Reviews Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa by Jensen Chua Photography

5 Reasons why you will love Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort

One of the key consideration when selecting resorts in the Maldives is its location. Other than extra transfer cost, the loss of precious vacation time is another bugbear for far-flung resorts. But Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort is conveniently located very near the Velana International Airport, so that mean that guests at this resort can start enjoying paradise much faster on arrival. Located on the private Furanafushi Island (North Male Atoll), this luxurious resort will appeal to couples or families alike. Reason No. 1  - Quick access from Malé Airport Just 15-20 min speedboat ride from the Velana International Airport, this ...
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Ten must-try Bangkok local food easily accessible via Bangkok Train System Jensen Chua Photography

10 Must-Try Bangkok Food spots via BTS

Bangkok is widely visited for many things, especially for it's food and shopping. Local food in this vibrant city provides convenient, delicious and pocket-friendly meals while being one of the best ways to connect with the local culture. But it can be bewildering especially for new or the infrequent visitors, when they chose to "go local" without a guide. That’s why I put together this guide to ten great eating spots easily accessible via the Bangkok Train System (BTS). The blog also comes with the shops facade picture and map link for easier reference. Bangkok BTS Map Prachak - Roasted Duck and Meat Diner Roast duck ...
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Travel Tips Sharing. Reviews Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa Jensen Chua Photography

The All Inclusive Resort in Maldives: Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa

Having last visited the Maldives some 15 years back, I was elated when the chance to go on an inspection trip to three resorts with Jetabout Holidays came in March. Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa was one of the resorts on the list. The Centara brand name is familiar to me as it is one of Thailand's leading hotel group, which is highly regarded for its excellent service.  Having inspected another resort, the Lux* South Ari Atoll just a two days prior to arriving at this resort, I was naturally in a "comparison" mindset as I seek out the differences between resorts so that ...
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Travel Tips Sharing. Reviews LUX South Ari Atoll Maldives Jensen Chua Travel Blog

Lux* South Ari Atoll, Maldives – Luxury redefined

The very mention of Maldives always conjures up image of a tropical paradise - crystal clear turquoise water, coconut palms on white sandy beaches, amazing marine life and luxury resorts. Many of my friends even have the perception that these fabled atolls are basically romantic vacation places for honeymooners with little else to do except sun, sand and sea. They could not be more wrong. Sure, there are no theme park or megamall at any of the 1200 atolls but a trip to the Maldives will certainly brings a smile to anyone looking for vacation with a difference, to destress and reconnect ...
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Travel Tips Sharing. Reviews Club Med Bintan premium all inclusive family resort Jensen Chua Travel Blog

Club Med Bintan- the premium all inclusive family resort

A recent short media inspection trip to the lovely Club Med Bintan reminded me why this renowned vacation lifestyle chain can still command a premium and a mecca of fun after all these years. Fond memories of my last Club Med holiday in Bali vacation decades ago returned and tell me I just had to include the chain's various other resorts around the world in my bucket list. Who can resist a resort where everything is taken care of ? From meals, activities, transfers to and from the resort, accommodation and entertainment, everything had been planned for, you just need ...
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Family Vacation School Holiday Short Break Phuket Travel Blog Reviews Holiday Inn Patong

Phuket Vacation December 2016

My short vacation to Phuket (a popular beach side resort island) after a gap of more than 15 years. During those years, much of the island has transformed and it's no longer the 'cheap, cheap' vacation paradise anymore. The beach scene have been cleaned up - you can now bring your own mat, rest on the beach without being harassed to rent one of those beach chair plus parasol and seems the jet-ski or time-share scams are no more. Every morning, waves of cleaners scout the beach and clear the litters. Even the touts are more gentle and they are "licensed" with ...
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Travel Blog Planning Short Trip ? Tips Reviews Bangkok Holiday Update December 2016

Bangkok Update December 2016

Bangkok Update December 2016 - 3 months after King Bhumibol Adulyadej passing. The Land of Smiles occupies a special place in many people's heart. To many Asians, it's the quintessential food, massage, shopping and adventure capital of Asia. Vibrant, exotic, chaotic and fun, it's a city that never quite sleeps. This trip in mid-Dec 2016 was organised by Jetabout Holidays to gain first hand experience if Bangkok has lost any of its fun quotient following the unfortunate demise of the country revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the 13 Oct 2016. The government announcement of an official  30 days mourning, closing of many ...
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Tasmania self drive itinerary helps make great trip. Inside look different Tasmanian environments

Australia Road Trip 2016- Phase Tasmania

Tasmania Self Drive Holiday - Discover Tasmania This photographic road trip was organised by Jetabout Holidays (Holiday Tours and Travel) in collaboration with Tourism Australia covering both Sydney and Tasmania, which totalled 2 weeks from 2-18 Nov (2 Nov being a departure date with 8 hours direct flight to Sydney via Qantas), with an estimated driving mileage of some 3000km. This travelogue is in continuation from the Sydney and NSW leg, with the Tasmania phase which commenced on 10 Nov 2016, as we landed at 2100hrs in Hobart on the 9 Nov 2016.  The Tasmania segment presented a more laid-back ...
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Australia Road Trip 2016- Phase Sydney (New South Wales)

Australia Road Trip 2016- Phase Sydney (New South Wales)

Australia Road Trip 2016- Phase Sydney (New South Wales) If there's a road trip that qualifies being termed epic, this is it ! This photographic project in November 2016 was my longest ever overseas assignment to date. Organised by Jetabout Holidays, in collaboration with Tourism Australia covering both New South Wales (NSW) and Tasmania.  The trip was preceded by an invitation from Qantas on departure day to experience the expansive and lavish Qantas Lounge at Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 1. The lounge is managed by The Sofitel hospitality group with a host of luxurious features like one of renowned Australian's ...
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Qantas Singapore Lounge

Qantas Singapore Lounge – Luxury Air Travel Enhanced

Qantas Singapore Lounge  On a photographic assignment organised in November 2016 by Jetabout Holidays (Holiday Tours and Travel) in collaboration with Tourism Australia covering both Sydney and Tasmania,  I had the most fortunate opportunity to be invited to experience the expansive and lavish Qantas Lounge located in Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 1. If you feel as if you are in a hotel ambience , you are spot on. The lounge is managed by The Sofitel hospitality group with a host of high-end pampering including a Neil Perry Rockpool menu, hawker centre-inspired open grill station, a cocktail bar plus a valet service.  ...
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Mekong Delta Photo Adventure 2016

Mekong Delta Photo Adventure 2016

Mekong Delta, the very mention of this exotic location evokes a sense of adventure and mysteries that is reminiscence of an old world charm, quietly waiting for all its visitors to uncover and discover her secrets.  And what better way to explore this amazing “Rice Bowl” of Vietnam other than with a photography trip? Life at the Mekong River A trip to the Mekong Delta invariably involves a cruise on the Mekong River in one of the traditional riverboats made from native bamboo, wood and rattan. Boats like these are an essential mode of transport in swampy areas and rural roads ...
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Travel Blog Reviews Hokkaido Private Touring Planning by Jensen Chua Jetblogger

Enjoy Hokkaido Food Tourism

Enjoy Hokkaido Food Tourism When one mentioned Hokkaido, images of snow-capped mountains, breathtaking natural scenery, fresh seafood and gorgeous hot springs start to flood the mind. Such is the impression that most visitors tend to miss other gems that this enchanting island has to offer. I hope through my travelogue, readers (especially those on self-drive vacation in the western region comprising Sapporo, Kuriyama, Ishikari and Niseko) will be able to tailor a more balanced trip. And yes, Hokkaido offers much more than a ski vacation. It is a foodie adventure wonderland too. Other than skiing down powdery snow slopes and ...
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Travel Blog Reviews Private Touring Bali Indonesia Sharing Photography Tips recommended guide

Dolphins Watching in Lovina, North Bali (2015)

For nature lovers keen in watching wild dolphins in their natural habitat in South East Asia, Lovina at north Bali should on be their must-do list. This town is a laid-back 12 km stretch of coastline to the West of Singaraja. It is a welcomed respite from the bustle of mainstream enclaves like Kuta in the south. One thing that strikes you first is the black volcanic ash sand at Lovina beach. From a distance, the calm water looks dirty but is in fact crystal clear and safe for swimming. As with other parts of Bali, this sleepy town quickly ...
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Travel Blog Reviews Private Tour Planning Hidaka, Hokkaido Photography Tips Sharing

Hidaka, Hokkaido’s Hidden Gem

Hidaka, Hokkaido’s Hidden Gem (2015) When travelling, sometimes it’s the unplanned  itineraries that reward us with the best memories. Such is my experience with Hidaka, a coastal town in Southern Hokkaido, just about 130km or a 2.5 hours drive from the New Chitose Airport. Hidaka is Japan’s largest horse breeding hub accounting for nearly 80% of all horses bred in Japan. In 2011, out of about 7,000 thoroughbred horses bred in Japan, 5,600 came from Hidaka. So it’s no surprise the town revolves around horses. But beyond horses,  over just 2 very short days stay (the sun starts setting about 430pm ...
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Taiwan Travelogue - Attractions in Hualien, Keelung Taipei Jensen Chua Photography

Taiwan Travelogue 2013 – Hualien, Keelung & Taipei (Part 3/3)

Taiwan Travelogue - Hualien, Keelung and Taipei  In Part 2 of my Taiwan blog, we had great dining experience at some famous Taichung eateries - Lai Lai Soya Bean Milk, Chun Sui Tang and Ding Wang. The amazing Miyaharu (Gong Yang Yan Ke - a delightful local specialty and snack shop ), Mushroom Garden and Lavender Cottage at Sinshe county. The gorgeous Sun Moon Lake, Rainbow Village, Qing Jing Highlands and the fabulous mountain scenery of Taroko National Park.  This blog marked our descend from the highlands of Mt.Hehuan to the coastal city of  Hualien, then northward to the seaport town of Keelung and last destination ...
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Taiwan Holiday 2013 (Part 2/3) -Taichung attractions

Taiwan Travelogue 2013 (Part 2/3) -Taichung attractions

Taiwan Travelogue 2013 - Taichung attractions In the previous Taiwan Travelogue (part 1/3)  we explored Taiwan's Da Hu Strawberry Farms, Central Market, Sheng Xing Old Railway, the Gao Mei  Wetland and Feng Jia Night Market.  In this segment,  I'll like to share with you Miyaharu, Sinshe, Rainbow Village, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village, Wen Wu Temple  and finally the ascent to the mountains of He Hehuan Shan in the Taroko National Park.  We also had  a great meal at Chun Sui Tang, where the original Bubble Tea was founded . Lai Lai Soya Bean Milk Shop Our guide Ah Hui, always ...
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Taiwan, Da Hu Strawberry Farm, Sheng Xing Old Railway, Gao Mei Wetland, Feng Jia Night Market

Taiwan Travelogue 2013 Taichung Attractions (Part 1/3)

"Travel broadens the mind". A wise saying I'm sure we've all heard before. But do you know Albert Einstein also once also said "I love to travel but I hate to arrive"? With my family in Taichung, Taiwan.  Visiting Taiwan again after a long time (the last being some 25 years ago during National Service army training) was certainly an eye-opener and a sense of nostalgia. I was single then and now with my family, visiting Taiwan is certainly a special occasion. I am sure many a Singaporean male who went through the same path, would agree and share mutual ...
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