Flying drone in Singapore

Drone flying in Singapore

Last week I had a quick last-minute plan to meet with a couple of my friends to discuss our impending overseas photography adventure and also did a droning session at the open field near Marina Coastal Drive. Just a brief session to take our drones out of storage to warm up their motor, refresh the Li-Po batteries and our droning skills. Flying drones in Singapore can be a tricky issue, as we have very limited land and air space.

Flying drone in Singapore

My friend Ace with his DJI Mini 2. Don’t let the small size fools you. It’s a piece of technological marvel.

Flying drone in Singapore
Effective control of drones and their inbuilt functions are key to a great aerial experience. And that can only come with frequent practice. Especially flying drones in Singapore is tricky with all the built-up infrastructure.

Flying drone in Singapore

Proper maintenance of drones, particularly their batteries and electronics components is vital to ensure their operational longevity.

Modern days drones are superbly built and designed products. DJI is the market leader at present, commanding possibly more than 70% of the consumer drone pie.

In Singapore’s scarce land and air space, responsible flying is essential to ensure safety for all concerned. Do check out the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) drone laws here.


With such scant land and air space, then what is the purpose of flying drones in Singapore? Personally, knowing how to operate a drone in Singapore is essential to prepare us for droning in overseas travel and enhancing our photographic output through the bird-eyes views accorded by the drones.

But do be mindful of the varied overseas drone laws and respect the rules of the land for an enjoyable experience (and stay out of trouble). To check the permitted areas for droning, please refer here. If you are keen on drone photography in the Maldives, do check out my article here. Please feel free to drop me a message if you need insights on droning in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and China. For my other travelogues in the nearby region and beyond, do check out my travel page.

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