Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Dear readers, traveling is once again the buzzword as most countries have reopened from the Cv-19 pandemic. I am sure you have been assuaged by plenty of vacation postings on your social media page. But one less-mentioned topic is travel wellness or maintaining good health during travel. Having recently discovered the world of Young Living essential oils and their benefits to users, it brings me great pleasure to commence an essential oils for travel wellness series, which I hope will help readers.

What are Essential Oils?

 Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

In layman’s terms, essential oils are concentrated liquids derived from aromatic plants to harness that plant’s scent, flavor, and natural benefits. You’ll find these highly potent compounds in a plant’s seeds, flowers, bark, roots, leaves, stems, rinds, fruit, and resin. For example, in citrus fruits, essential oils are found inside the peel. (excerpt from Young Living)

What are the benefits of using Essential Oils?

With correct and routine applications, users can expect the following

  • Inspire a positive emotional state.
  • Enhanced Physical and spiritual wellness.
  • Purification of Home.
  • Refinement of Beauty Routine.

How to correctly use Essential Oils?

Using Essential Oils Aromatically

 Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Let’s start with the hallmark way to use essential oils – aromatically. All essential oils feature a signature aroma you can smell and inhale for various effects. One oil’s crisp scent can invigorate you when you need a midday pick-me-up. Another’s soothing aroma can help you unwind after a tough day. You can use essential oils aromatically by simply opening the bottle and inhaling its aroma. They can also be applied topically as a personal fragrance, but always dilute them with a carrier oil, which is a plant-derived oil like coconut or almond oil. Dilute a few drops of essential oil with your carrier oil and then rub it into your palms and inhale or dab some behind your ear or on your neck. You can also use a diffuser to disperse the essential oil into the air.

Using Essential Oils Topically

 Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

Another favourite way to apply essential oils is topically, where you allow the oil to absorb into your skin. As mentioned before, always dilute oils with a carrier oil before you apply them topically. Topical oils can become part of a massage or added to your preferred lotion, moisturiser, or other personal care product. Some oils, particularly those from the citrus family, can cause photosensitivity. A carrier oil is a plant-derived oil like coconut and almond oil that can be used to dilute an essential oil’s concentration.

Using Essential Oils Internally

 Essential Oils for Travel Wellness

If you think an oil smells terrific, wait until you taste it! You can season your favourite dish or flavor a drink with certain grades of essential oils. Ingesting oils lets you savor all their savory, herbaceous, spicy, and fruity potential. The simplest ways to take essential oils internally is to add them to a glass of water, take them in a capsule or use them as seasoning. Start off with a small amount. A little goes a long way, and even a single drop might overwhelm your recipe. One recommendation is to dip a toothpick in the oil and stir that little bit in as a starting point. Of course, before you use any oils internally, make sure the oil is safe to ingest. Unless it specifically says on the label that it’s safe for ingestion, assume it’s safe for external use only.


Many sincere thanks for coming along with the article, which is the first of a series of travel wellness tips focusing on Essential Oils. Please stay tuned for more updates as I progressed and share more tips along this amazing world of holistic wellness through Young Living Essential Oils, a world leader in essential oils founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993. For my other travel inspirations, please feel free to check out here.

Footnote – information used in this article is excerpted from Young Living Essential Oils. Any opinions expressed are that of the author and all pictures are all rights reserved. DisclaimerProducts on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products.

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