5 Reasons why I don’t like Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi

Best Luxury Resort Maldives Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi

5 Reasons why I don’t like the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi

There is so much hype about the Maldives being a paradise with the unbelievable turquoise sea with gin clear water and vibrant marine life. I just don’t understand why. That can only mean 1 thing – these people must have never travelled to other parts of the world before. Here are some reasons why I don’t like The Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi (opened in April 2018) after my recent visit.

1. I was unable to swim around the island lagoon

A 5-star luxury 120 villas resort on an island that covers approximately 160,000 sqm (16 hectares) of land and features one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. I failed miserably to swim around the whole lagoon.

2. The Villas were too comfortable

The 120 luxury all-villa resort features elegant rustic chic Beach and Water Villas, each with its own private pool. Each of the villas is designed for exceptional comfort complemented by a 24-hr butler service throughout your visit. So comfortable, I was unable to wake up in time to catch the sunrise.

Beach Sunset Villa

I didn’t really need the plunge pool. The beach is just steps away.

The Beach Villa cabana- so nice, so inviting. One of the resort ways of pampering you and leaving your worries behind.

The bed is not levitating in the air but you will feel like floating among the clouds when you sleep.

The wash-up area is really small. So each villa has two of this. Couples will missed having to fight over wash basin in the morning.

You tend to get grubby fast here. So an indoor rain shower with very nice toiletries is provided.

Showering indoor can get boring, so I took my boredom to the outdoor shower with sheltered bathtub. Sea Salt is provided, with compliments.

The Deluxe Beach Sunset Villa

When you are not bringing your lover here but your family and kids, the deluxe beach sunset villa is the ideal choice.

With 495 sg.m² of space, you may lose track of your children. Sounds like a good problem!

There are so many options to keep clean, among all that landscaped garden. Wait, is this a bathroom or a garden?

The largest lagoon is the Maldives is simply too small. How does a 14 sg.m² of private pool sounds?

The Grand Water Sunset Villa

I am tired of having white powdery fine sand on my feet, so the Grand Water Sunset Villa might just be the villa on my next trip.

Hammock, sun loungers, day bed and a 19 sg.m² infinity edged pool, so many options, so little time. And there is also a sandbar. What’s going through the designer’s head?

A copper bathtub for sheer indulgence. Appreciate the housekeeper for the regular polishing indeed.

3. My dieting plan went out of the window

With three main restaurants and in-villa dining option serving a wide menu, my dietary option was overloaded.

Raha Market

The all-day dining restaurant of the resort with a wide menu for Maldivian, Asian and many healthy options.  I wish I was a cow – it has four stomachs.

Azure fine-dining Restaurant

The resort seaside gourmet hub. But I felt like I walked into fairyland rather than a restaurant.

An exclusive dining cabana. I might get spoilt and dream of this setting every meal. The designer’s magic wand is potent indeed.

The clock seems to tick slower here. Was it the fine-dining concept with amazingly delicious food or effect of the ambience?

Kata Japanese Restaurant 

End of a great day, the start of a splendid night. Lounging at the restaurant Sea Lounge blurs the line between good and great moment.

The Japanese-inspired decor is like a Shinkansen pulling slowly into a station, sending me on a culinary journey prepared with tender loving care. Oishi-desu!

The stairway to the upper deck, a perfect place for stargazing if you like starry dessert after an amazing dinner.

The restaurant and lounge at night. No wonder I don’t feel like staying in the villa to watch TV.

4. There are just so many things to do I could not take an afternoon nap*

The Coralarium* by renowned British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.  I can’t find such art installation anywhere else in the Maldives.

The landmark looks different at the different time of the day. Simply couldn’t resist photographing it many times during the trip.

The art installation with a deep eco-conscious message. I spent more time admiring the artwork than swimming around it.

Just a 50m swim from the shore to snorkel within the structure. The vibrant marine life like lobster, squid and reef fishes making the place their home were certainly distracting.

Another statue beneath the installation. Guess they ran out of space at the top.

They called it “The Cube”. About time we were encouraged to think out-of-the-box?

The resort coral nursery at the installation. Good thing these babies don’t make any noises.

Snorkelers enjoying a guided visit to the Coralarium, by the resort resident marine biologist. Just another activities on the island. Gonna miss that afternoon nap.

The longest swimming pool at 200m traversed the island, perfect complement to one of largest lagoons in the Maldives.

A swimming pool? I forgive myself thinking it was a landscaped water feature.

Aerial view of the longest swimming pool on a Maldives resort. So long it meets the sea.

At Willow Stream Spa, the resort spa. Having the longest swimming pool and the largest lagoon is not enough, how does a 50m serenity pool within the spa sounds to you?

Kids on the island are banished to the Kids Club, designed to keep them tame and entertained.

All the popular things that any children would want plus an area dedicated for teens. I felt old already.

Jumping nets and slides with the Kids Club. Perfectly designed with safety features and fun, so they will not want to leave this place and give their parents some quiet moments.

The resort scores low on light pollution, all the better I can see the stars and galaxies above.

Plenty of marine life in the sea as well as on the beach. This is definitely one busy island.

5. I can’t stop thinking about the food

If Robinson Crusoe was stranded on this island, he would prefer to be stranded forever. I suspect the food is the culprit.

The wagyu beef was cooked to perfection. But the portion was too small. I wanted a louder burp.

The perfectly brick-oven cooked pizza with a generous helping of juicy tandoori chicken and delicious mozzarella cheese. There goes my diet yet again.

I actually enjoyed the Asian-centric menu. Certainly better than how I cooked it at home.

Spanish Gazpacho with extra virgin oil drizzled nicely. Sorry chef, I finished the culinary work of art within minutes.

Best leave the food on the table, it looked too good to eat. Not good to feel guilty.

Such a wide range of cheeses and charcuterie at the breakfast spread alone. The chef is certainly cruel.


As you can see from the above why I “didn’t like” the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi but it’s because I simply LOVE the resort. There is so much to do on the island and the impeccable service from the staff is just out of this world. It may be a relatively new resort but from what I have experienced during my short stay, the resort is certain to safeguard its robust ranking among the cream of the crop, worthy of the Fairmont branding. You will know it’s a spectacular resort when the time comes to leave paradise and you feel that heartache within. That’s why I “don’t like” the Fairmont, it made me want to return soon.

Thanks for coming along the pixels journey. For other Maldives resorts experiences, do check out my other travelogues here  or have a look at Jetabout Holidays special promo package for Fairmont Maldives here, should you be considering a trip to the Maldives.

*Latest update 25 Sep 2018 – the statues at the Coralarium were destroyed by the Maldivian Police in accordance to court order. News right here

P.S – All pictures used in this blogs are all rights reserved and copyrighted to Jensen Chua Photography and Jetabout Holidays

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