5 Ways to Save Money on a Sydney Vacation

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According The Telegraph (UK) , Sydney is one of the top 20 most expensive cities in the world to visit, having fallen from 5th position in 2014. While that sounds like good news for travellers on a budget, there is no denying this is still an expensive city to visit, right up there with London, Zurich and Paris. What each traveller spend on and does during the vacation will have will effect on the best experience.

The following are 5 ways to save money for those on free and easy arrangements but still enjoy a fabulous vacay. You just need to plan well ahead and pick up some of the insider secrets on how optimise your hard earned money while vacationing in this beautiful city.

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

#1- Get an Opal Card

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

Transportation cost is one the chief money sappers as you move around the city. The public transport network might not be as extensive as say, Singapore, but is still a great option. Inner city transport works well, especially outside peak times and while the ticketing system can be confusing, just grab yourself an Opal card and ride away on all buses, ferries and inner circle trains till your heart’s content if you are here for more than a few days .  Save as much as 50% when you use this all important card.

For those who prefer to travel by taxi, then the Uber or a few other private car transportation apps would save a bundle too. Details here.

#2 – Stay away from convenience stores and inner-city takeaways.

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

Feel obliged to get souvenirs for your friends from the trip Down Under ? Then save loads when you purchase snacks or souvenirs from Paddy’s Market , as it’s generally cheaper than souvenir shops elsewhere in the city. The savings can really add up when you intend buy more. For instance, a 1kg pack of nougat cost AUD$26 at the supermarket in Paddy’s Market. A same packing at the airport will set you back almost AUD$40! So a trip to Paddy’s is one the best tips ever for great savings.

3) Make full use of free Sydney guides or vendors websites

Make sure you pick up the free guide booklets at the airport and your hotel lobby, especially the ones targeted at backpackers. These feature lots of discounted entry tickets, some as much as 30% off.  A quick online check of a whale watching cruise vendor website shows ‘mid-week 50%’ deal. Plan ahead, make use of technology and make full use of offers available in the competitive tourism market.

4) Avoid super peak travel / hotel season

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

The annual super peak period is from late December to early January. During the lower season,  you can look forward to good deals (e.g Stay 4 Pay 3) usually between April to September (Great for travellers who love the COLD weather).

Unless you have free accommodation, visiting Sydney at these times is expensive. Hotels, particularly in the city centre up their prices and impose limited stay rules, even coastal caravan parks charge more than city hotels. If you do want to be here in during the holidays plan as far ahead as you can.  New Year’s Eve accommodation begins to fill up in August!

5) Some of Sydney best attractions are free

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

A gorgeous view of the Harbour Bridge at dusk, all for free. A slow stroll, people watching, cuppa in hand, are all it takes to welcome a lovely evening out. But best of all, to learn Sydney from a local, try a free walking tour.

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

Explore Bondi Beach using your Opal Card (Bus or Train) One of the most scenic walks in Australia! Details @ https://www.bonditocoogeewalk.com/

5 ways to save money on a Sydney vacation

Chill out at Watson’s Bay , away from the tourist crowd. No entry fee, just need your time to enjoy the great sunset view.  Or visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (Free guided Tour) – Free admission details or The Rocks weekends market and visit the Rocks Discovery Museum – details here.

So there you have it, 5 basic tips for saving a bundle when sight-seeing in the lovely city without breaking the bank. One last bonus tip, do check out the Jetabout Holidays, the award-winning Australia travel specialist for the best deals to Australia. Do check out my recent blog on some activities to do should you have just 72 hours in Sydney.

Footnote : All pictures used in this travelogue are copyrighted to Jensen Chua Photography and Holiday Tours and Travel (Singapore) and all rights reserved.

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