U Inchantree Resort – Most Romantic Resort by River Kwai Bridge

U Inchantree Resort Best Boutique Resort beside River Kwai Bridge

The U Inchantree Resort Kanchanaburi is definitely one of the best option for visitors looking for a cosy resort conveniently located near the River Kwai Bridge should they planned a vacation in this beautiful town. This is my 2nd stay at the resort which I visited five years ago and the resort have since gained a new wing making it a 50 rooms set up. Service is still as commendable, brisk and the resort retains a peaceful ambience. Incidentally, you might be pleased to know it garnered...

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Jensen Chua Singapore Travel Blogger Photographer JetBlogger Jetabout Holidays

My name is Jensen Chua, I was born in 1966 in Singapore. I am a freelance photographer.  I had my first taste in photography at 15 years old when I was handed a camera by my literature teacher during a school outing. From that very moment, something about photography made me click.  In the world before the birth of internet, I built my basic skills via distance learning with trainers from New York Institute of Photography via printed assignments and cassette-recorded critiques in mail...

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