Singapore Travel Blogger Photographer sharing landscape photography tips jensen chua

Landscapes photography is probably one of the “easiest” of all subjects. Basically, all you need is a bit of luck and a nice view in the right lighting. Take a closer look at landscape images that really hold your attention, however, and you’ll often find that there’s much more to this simple subject than meets the eye.

To achieve good landscape shots, you need to find visually compelling locations, and then work out the right time of day and the right season to visit them, so they’re looking their absolute best. You will probably need to visit the location a few times to work this out. In fact, to get the ultimate landscape shot, you just need to keep going back and use the knowledge you’ve gained from the previous visits.  (Note: A stormy day might also be able to give dramatic results too)

All of this comes with practice, takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain frame of mind to capture imagery that will really stir the viewers’ emotions and minds.


  1. Tsuyoshi Kato says:

    It’s very educational !
    I need to walk around Hokkaido more and more 🙂

    1. Jensen says:

      Thank you, Kato-san. Hokkaido is simply a landscape photographer paradise. You can conduct photo workshops… you will do very very well. 🙂

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