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NDP 2017 – State flag deployment by 127 Squadron

Every National Day, Singaporeans experienced an elevated moment of national pride when they witness the visual spectacle of their state flag being hoisted by the powerful Chinook CH-47 heavy-lift helicopter, flanked by Apaches AH-64 attack-helicopters as it flew by spectators at the floating platform and Marina Bay during the national anthem segment. But unknown to most, the background scene is made possible only through immense effort, detailed logistics and expertly tuned co-ordination by personnel of the air force to execute the event like clockwork. 127 Squadron -Home of the Stallions Formed at Sembawang Air Base in 1998, the 127 Squadron ...
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DBS Marina Regatta 2017 – Dragon Boat Competition

The DBS Marina Regatta is touted as 'Singapore biggest water sports festival'. Launched in 2012, the Marina Bay takes on a new life every May or June as many local and international dragon boat teams, compete for glory and price money. This is part of the event title sponsor - Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) ongoing efforts to engage the community and showcase the vibrancy and dynamism of Singapore's financial downtown district. In 2016, more than 230 international and local teams slugged it out for cash prizes totaling some SGD 230,000, the highest in a dragon boat race. Held this year ...
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